Avelle™ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Avelle™ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Avelle™ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Avelle™ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Avelle™ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
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Avelle™ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Introducing the first system to combine negative pressure wound therapy with Hydrofiber Technology.
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy delivered in a simple, discrete, canister-less system:

• Easy to use
• Small and portable
• Quiet, no alarm
• Disposable pump with 30 day lifetime† Designed for flexibility
• Suitable for use within and across different care settings
• Separate pump and dressing packs
• Supports patients resuming normal life

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Code Description Colour Size Quantity
421551 Pump - - 1
421555 Dressing - 12x31cm (4.8" x 12½"); absorption area 4x23cm (1½" x 9¼") 5
421554 Dressing - 12x21cm (4.8" x 8½"); absorption area 4x13cm (1½" x 3¼") 5
421553 Dressing - 16x21cm (6½" x 8½"); absorption area 8x13cm (3¼" x 5¼") 5
421552 Dressing - 16x16cm (6½" x 6½"); absorption area 8x8cm (3¼" x 3¼") 5
  1. Gentle silicone adhesive border1,*secures the dressing in place.
  2. Stitch-bonded Hydrofiber® wound contact layer gels on contact with
    wound fluid and is designed to maintain dressing integrity on removal.1,*
  3. Hydrofiber® core gels on contact with wound fluid locking in exudate
    and the bacteria it contains.2, 3, 4 * Channels in the Hydrofiber® core
    are designed to allow fluid to move throughout the dressing ensuring
    exudate is locked away.1,*
  4. Foam layer is designed to aid distribution of negative
    pressure across the dressing.1,*
  5. Film layer provides a bacterial and viral barrier, is
    showerproof, and permits evaporation of exudate
    aiding overall fluid handling.1,*

* As demonstrated in-vitro.
Battery change may be required during pump lifetime

2. Waring MJ, Parsons D. Physico-chemical characterisation of carboxymethylated spun cellulose fibres. Biomaterials. 2001;22:903-912.
3. Walker M, Hobot JA, Newman GR, Bowler PG. Scanning electron microscopic examination of bacterial immobilisation in a carboxymethylcellulose (AQUACEL®) and alginate
dressings. Biomaterials. 2003;24(5):883-890.
4. HFM-2015/017. Data on file. 2015. ConvaTec Inc.

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