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There are 3 phases to the me+™ recovery programme starting with Green Phase One: Foundation.

Start this phase in hospital and then continue at home. This phase is also the starting point if you’ve never done any abdominal movements before, even if your surgery was years ago. You can work through the moves stage by stage, taking into consideration your health and any other medical conditions. Ask your doctor, surgeon or nurse for advice if you’re not sure.

The moves included in this programme are designed specifically for anyone who has major abdominal surgery and a stoma, although they are suitable for everyone. They are gentle and appropriate for most people and you can do all the moves in the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to receive a me+™ recovery pack containing the booklets for the Phases please call the ConvaTec me+™ team at 0800 467866.

Phase 1 videos

Intro to me+™ recovery Green Phase 1 
me+™ recovery - safe moving
me+™ recovery Green Phase 1 - Core Connect
me+™ recovery Green Phase 1 - Pelvic Tilt
me+™ recovery Green Phase 1 - Knee Rolls
me+™ recovery Green Phase 1 - Seated Arm Raises
me+™ recovery Green Phase 1 - Seated Knee Raises
me+™ recovery Green Phase 1 - Standing Rocking
me+™ recovery Green Phase 1 - Supported Sit to Stand
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"Here at ConvaTec, we are passionate about helping you to live an active and healthy life. The first step is to put you in the driving seat. You know your body best and you can take control of your own recovery with the right support along the way."


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