Healthy bonds in life start with a healthy bond between you and your pouch.

  • A stoma bag created to give you comfort, control and peace of mind
  • Stoma solutions built to be gentle on your skin, yet strong enough to ensure maximum leakage protection

Premium line of
2-piece stoma systems

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Bg Component 1 Bg Component 1 Mobile

“I tried the Natura® convex baseplate as it avoided the natural dip in my abdomen. No leaks, not one, let me say it again - not one leak. My skin has recovered. I got my life back, my friends and family got me back!”


A healthy bond between your
skin and your baseplate.

Created to
stop irritation
before it starts.

We created Advanced Hydrocolloids and revolutionized stoma care. We have the experience to keep the skin around your stoma healthy.

leakage control.

Our industry-leading adhesives are proven to give you a long-lasting seal that is designed with skin health in mind.

ConvaTec Natura’s skin-friendly adhesives make all the difference. Pick the right one for you.



Designed for frequent removal and people with more formed output.


Designed for a longer wear time and for people with more liquid output. Swells up upon hydration to create a more secure seal.

Three Arrows

You can choose a cut-to-fit, pre-cut, or mouldable baseplate.

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“The Natura system is easy to use. I was part of a rugby league, and the bag stayed on securely.”


A healthy bond is a secure
connection between your
baseplate and your pouch.

With ConvaTec Natura coupling technology, everything
just clicks.

  • Believe in your stoma solution connection.
  • A stoma care product with security against leaks and accidents.
  • When you hear the "snap" you know your pouch is firmly attached.
Coupling Coupling Mob

Try the Natura® Accordion Baseplate for an even easier application

Coupling Coupling Mob
Bg Component 3 Bg Component 3 Mobile

“The best part is that the corners are contoured and the closure will even fold into a pocket that feels secure and keeps everything flat and discreet.  No more getting stabbed!”


A healthy bond needs
the right pouch.

Natura Logo Natura Logo

Find comfort
in a better pouch.

It’s the details that matter: The enhanced features of our stoma solutions were created using feedback from hundreds of patients1 and nurses2.

1 Phase II Quantitative evaluation and determination of platform technology (PT) pouch attributes. Data on file 2006, ConvaTec.
2 Based on accumulative data collation at ConvaTec since 2005, through global activities such as KOL meetings and interactive Q&A sessions.

InvisiClose® Tail Closure

Secure and easy-to-use closure.


Lock-It Pocket

Folds inside out to hide away the secured drainage closure.

Comfort Panel Img

Comfort Panel

Soft and comfortable fabric that provides water resistance and dries quickly.

Bg Component 4 Bg Component 4 Mobile

“The me+TM stoma nurses listen to the problems that I encountered, asked if I was active, my preferences for my bags, and the shape of my stoma and how the skin around it looked. I could not be happier.”


Healthy bonds
bring us together.

Join Me

Healthy bonds bring us together.

The me+ program brings you the tools and advice to help make life with a stoma easier and more fulfilling. Find the stoma solutions and support you need, the tips and advice you can learn to use, and a community of professionals and ostomates you can grow with.

Because the bonds that unite us will make us stronger.

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