Avelle™ NPWT System

The Avelle™ NPWT

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The Avelle™ NPWT System is supplied in separate pump and dressing packs, allowing you to effectively manage stock and reduce wastage.

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Description Size Order Code PIP Code NHS Code Quantity 
Avelle™ Pump N/A 421551 404-7866 ELZ853 1
Avelle™ NPWT Dressing 16cm x 16cm 421552 404-8054 ELZ857 5
Avelle™ NPWT Dressing 16cm x 21cm 421553 404-8047 ELZ856 5
Avelle™ NPWT Dressing 12cm x 21cm 421554 404-8013 ELZ855 5
Avelle™ NPWT Dressing 12cm x 31cm 421555 404-8021 ELZ854 5
Avelle™ NPWT Dressing 12cm x 41cm 422155 410-3248 ELZ965 5
Avelle™ NPWT Dressing 21cm x 26cm 422156 412-0598 ELZ981 5
Avelle™ NPWT Dressing 26cm x 26cm 422157 412-0606 ELZ982 5
Avelle™ NPWT Carry Case N/A 446650 N/A ELZ875 1

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